So how does it work at Anukha?


  1. Register on the system, so we know who you are.
  2. Choose your dishes & add them to the basket.
  3. Click Checkout to take you to the checkout.
  4. If we are running a special offer, add the Coupon to the Offer Coupon box.
  5. Once you are finished, PLACE the order.
  • You will get a confirmation email when your order has been accepted by us. You get another email to confirm that the meal is ready for collection.
  • You can even order when we are closed – how neat is that – and we pick it up when we are open!
  • You only register once. Next time, use the “returning customer”.
  • You can reorder a meal you ordered on a previous occasion or you can make a new order.

No more engaged telephone calls,
no chance of mistakes,
and the convenience of ordering when you want to.